Sorin Pavelesco
Chief Production Officer

Born in Romania, Sorin Pavelesco moved to Canada with his family when he was just 6-years old. His musical education began at age eight with piano lessons from his father. Over the next six years Sorin studied classical piano and the likes of Beethoven, Chopin and Tchaikovsky with a private tutor. Eager to learn another instrument, he also studied the classical guitar for two years and briefly flirted with an electric guitar.

Then At age 15 something magical happened: he discovered Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre. He fell in love with electronic music and its vast sonic possibilities. The enthusiasm was so strong and genuine that his mother agreed to buy him his first analog synthesizer from the local pawn shop, a KORG Polysix, using the money she had set aside for his education. He started making his own sounds and quickly began composing original material. Impressed by Sorin's passion and commitment to music, his father bought him a second keyboard (a Yamaha Portatone keyboard with on-board rhythms) and a Fostex 4-track machine to record his compositions. Over the next five years Sorin wrote hundreds of little songs which revealed his lyrical soul and a strong penchant for melody.

The next decade was dedicated to studio production, composing and buying more gear. Ideas flowed and song structure improved. It was time to release an album. In 2000 Sorin released "The Longest Dream" under the alias Revival. An ambitious concept album combining spoken word, electronic and classical music, the album received accolades from all over the world. It reached no. 15 on New Age International Charts in America and a few no.1 spots in Eastern Europe (including his homeland of course) while a self-produced video for the single "La Fille de la Foret" climbed to no. 8 in Canada. Furthermore, two tracks from "The Longest Dream" were chosen to appear on a US compilation of electronic music from new Romanian artists. Interesting fact to note, the compilation was released by Sonic Images, label owned by none other than Christopher Franke, ex-member of childhood idols Tangerine Dream!

Sorin is a keyboard freak—he once drove 16 hours to acquire a Fender Rhodes—and has worked with international female vocalist Deevani of Mas Flow Records, Canadian male rappers Mr. Bolly, Blu Rum 13, MC Prolific, DIYA, Sunny Raja, Canadian female singers Spaïcy, Shaharah Sinclair, Lorna Di Fiore to name a few.