Richard Dietl
Worldwide Management and Booking

Born in Malaysia the son of an architect and a mother working in the Airline Industry Richard Dietl was destined for a career in the music business. His parents travelled a lot and he visited many countries around the world during his young age, which enabled him to meet several popular European artists such as DJ Clapto and DJ CUT X-ACT.

At 18 Richard moved to Zürich where he was lucky enough to land an apprenticeship with a successful producer named Domenico Livrano. In the 90's Domenico produced many chart-topping hits in the Euro Dance community with acts like E-Rotic, Culture Beat and Captain Jack to name a few. Under his wing Richard was able to learn many studio tricks and techniques while expanding his musical knowledge base. As a result of his good work he received a "Producer" diploma.

Some time afterwards he set up his own studio and enrolled at the SAE School in Zürich where he earned a Basic Media Certificate and later on completed a Bachelor and Ph.d in Audio Engineering. This higher degree of education opened many doors for him and several opportunities quickly presented themselves to him: he landed positions at various well-known publishing houses, such as Pavarotti, Decca, Star Search Group, Dancing City Entertainment to name a few.

After a few years of working for others Richard decided to start his own publishing company in 2005, GraceGrall Publishing, and became involved with classic music, an unusual choice for such a young age. With time he expanded his repertoire and added the Urban Music genre to his catalog, enabling him to personally work with artists like Snoop Doggy Dogg, Black Sheep, Rappin'4'Tay and many others. Richard is currently developing the Video Production division of GraceGrall, which will give him total artistic freedom and control with regards to the branding and development of his artists. On a personal level he is involved in many charity events and organizations such as the Gandhi Foundation and Music for Peace.