Mike Kapoor
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bolly (aka Mike Kapoor) is an up-and-coming and innovative Urban Desi Artist who is creating new ways of fusing East and West. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada he has been greatly influenced by the American East Coast Hip Hop movement and inspired by such legendary artists as Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur and Nas. In 1992, during the golden period of Hip Hop, Mike moved to Manhattan, NYC to live with his uncle for two years. It is during that time, as he attended Hip Hop concerts and events, that he decided to pick up the art of writing rhymes.

In 1999 he was approached by Radisson Records, a Montreal label, to do a Jazz-orientated single called "Peace", a dedication to baby boomers and tribute to the likes of John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix. The single appeared on a B-side vinyl release and was published, distributed and supplied across Canada to college and university radio stations across North America. The feedback was tremendous, sales took off and "Peace" in effect obtained more requests than the A-side release, which surprised Radisson Records and his peers from the compilation. Shortly thereafter he joined a group called Bad Breedz and released a mix tape in 2001 entitled "Cross Borda Connects". In 2002 his dedication and love for the arts became so powerful and evident that he decided to continue his education and joined the Arts department at Concordia University in Montreal. He enrolled in acting, poetry, English literature, and public speaking.

Mr. Kapoor and Sorin Pavelesco met each other through mutual friends in 2007. They started conducting small "experiments" in their sonic lab by fusing European influences and Indian Ethnic elements into their early compositions. As the duo kept dropping song after song they quickly realized they needed other artists to complement their sound and soon after started working with several RnB, Urban and Dance artists/vocalists. Their catalog grew quickly. They realized they had created a signature sound that separated them from the rest of the pack. The next logical step was to unite forces, equipment and finances by opening their own production company called Break Tha Bank Music. And so BTB Music was born.

Throughout this five-year journey Mike Kapoor has developed an inate ability to write all genres of music as well as direct and conduct all recordings and arrangements during the production process.